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Major Update 2/14/2018 - Earn Bitcoins for Playing
Hello PK-Legacy, I've been working on my server now for over a year and would proudly say It's taking shape!
The idea behind the recent implementing bitcoins to an RSPS is for ordinary players to earn some extra virtual dough, not only for playing a server but for potential future gains.
The entire point of leaving the balance on your account and not withdrawing it will be the staking of coins. 
If you're not sure what staking is, then I will put it out for you like this. The more coins you have in your balance, the more coins it will generate over time, so the more achievements and tasks you complete, the more BTC will you have on your account.
The value of changes every minute, so the bitcoin price within the game is equivalent to the real value, and it updates in real time through an API. So if the price of 1 BTC is $8,495.69, then the in-game value of a bitcoin will be worth the same.

You can earn your bitcoins trough completing daily generated tasks that will earn you bitcoins, an example of this can be "Bury 500 Frost dragon bones", here is a picture of me completing the challenge and receiving a BTC reward.
No longer would you need to play Runescape and not make anything, with this system we all are able to benefit. 
This will not take away the other factors of the server that is based on three different game modes.

[Image: IfJ7T4zWee.gif]

Normal Mode;
This mode will not let you spawn items nor change your combat stats.
The benefits of having a normal mode account is that you will have a better chance of receiving rare drops from Bosses and NPC's.
Ability to prestige your skills once they reach 99 to obtain a prestige point that you can use in the prestige shop.
To easily obtain PvP gear as a normal mode player, simply kill PK-Elderly masters located in the wilderness, they will give you 1 PKLegacy Point for each kill, and those points can be exchanged for PvP sets.
Normal mode players will have an experience boost of 2.0x.
Normal mode players would have to obtain trough pvming, pking, shops or trading other.
To ensure that you are pking with players with risk, you can always teleport to the "Normal mode PK-Zone" a zone only available for Normal mode players. 


This gamemode brings you straight into the action, you do not need to train your combat levels, and you're able to use the "Spawn PvP Kits" orb located next to your minimap, or use the option in your *Quest Tab* to spawn items.
* How you spawn items on a PK-Mode account *
[Image: VDz7rwo4Q9ufU9KIW83OWQ.png]
Spawned items cannot be sold, alched, traded, staked, dropped.. etc.., they will have zero value and be destroyed upon death.

[Image: aOlXYNp14G.gif]

If you want to buy some BTC to boost your staking gains or to simply buy items from the bitcoin store, then this is how you buy it.

1. You donate for a bond. $5.00 - $250.00 ( Trough BMT-MICRO ).
2. You claim the bond in-game for a USD Balance that you can use in donator shop or buy bitcoins.
3. Buy bitcoins from the Quest tab.

[Image: jGIL7KiWk7.gif]
[Image: USKbBLzpi5.gif][Image: v84b7D530J.gif]
[Image: Fu0hs8Vvyw.gif][Image: HNJjmuFBuC.gif]

Update Logs

Future Updates

* I'm working on a virtual casino that you can spend your BTC on the server.
* Going to make a BTC store that you can buy perks & items that will help you on your way.
* Automatic withdrawal system for your bitcoin balance.
*Referral system that let you earn money for having friends. An example of this would be that if your referred friend joins you will be slightly rewarded, if your referred friend plays and complete achievements, you will also be rewarded.

Things I've done recently:

* Rebuilt the achievement system so you get rewarded BTC for doing achievements.
* Implemented the Bitcoin system.
* Bitcoin now goes after the real-world value.
* Created some daily tasks that will let you earn bitcoins, that resets once a week.
* Configurated the bond system so you can directly buy bitcoins from your in-game USD balance.
* Implemented so you get rewarded for every achievement in-game.
* Added bots to fight you in the wilderness, be careful they are not to mess with!
* New commands " ::falador, ::drynor, ::varrock
* Tutorial on login.
* Instant Gearing up and Banking.
* Barrelchest and Chaos elemental will no longer follow you forever.
* Introducing bitcoins to the community, where you can earn and buy BTC to HODL, stake or withdraw or buy.
* You will get 0.25$ (1 Achievement Point ) for completing Easy Achievements, 1.50$ (2 A for completing Medium Achievements, 5.00$ for doing hard  ( 3  Achievement Point )and 10$ for completing an Elite Achievement ( 4 Achievement Point ).
- Tutorial once you login with some info about the gamemodes


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