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PKLegacy Official Price-Guide
PKLegacy Official Price Guide
Ingame prices!
5$ Bond: 8b
10$ Bond: 16b
20$ Bond: 32b
30$ Bond: 48b
50$ Bond: 80b
75$ Bond: 120B
100$ Bond: 160B
250$ Bond: 400B

Verac's Set: 100m
Guthan's Set: 100m
Ahrim's Set: 100m
Karil's Set: 100m
Torag's Set: 100m
Dharok's Set: 150m

Primordial Boots: 800m
Eternal Boots: 800m
Pegasian Boots: 800m
Steadfast Boots: 600m
Glaiven Boots: 600m
Ragefire Boots: 600m

Bandos Set: 100m Per Piece
Armadyl Set: 100m Per Piece
Ranger Boots: 20m
Robin Hat: 20m
Regular slayer helmet: 750m
Abyssal Whip: 15m
Darkbow: 200m
Amulet of Fury: 10m
Saradomin Sword: 25m
Zamorakian Spear: 250m
Staff of Light: 25m
Dragon pickaxe 75m
Twisted bow: 50b
Zaryte bow: 15b
Dinh's bulwark: 100b
Dragon hunter Crossbow: 12-15b+
Armadyl Crossbow: 10-12b

Dragon Claws: 250m

Armadyl Godsword: 250m
Saradomin Godsword: 100m
Zamorak Godsword: 100m
 Bandos Godsword: 100m

Spectral Spirit Shield: 200m
Arcane Spirit Shield: 350m
Elysian Spirit Shield: 550m
Divine Spirit Shield: 750m

Vesta's Armor: 500m Per Piece
Statius Armor: 500m Per Piece
Zuriel's Armor: 450m Per Piece
Morrigan's Armor: 450m Per Piece
Vesta's Longsword: 550m
Statius' Hammer: 450m
Ring of vigour: 500m
Berserker ring (i): 75m
Archer ring (i): 75m
Seer's ring (i): 75m
Warrior ring (i): 75m
Amulet off fury (or) 250m
Trickster set: 5b
Battle-mage set: 5b

Nex Pieces: All pieces cost 3.5b each
torva full helm 1b
Virtus mask 1b
Pernix cowl 1b

Toxic Blowpipe: 2.5b
Toxic Staff of the Dead: 2.5b
Tanzenite Helm: 3b
Magma Helm: 3b
Serpentine Helm: 1b

Primal Platebody: 2b
Primal Platelegs: 2b
Primal Full Helm: 15b
Primal Boots:  1b
Primal Gloves: 750m
Primal Rapier: 3.5b
Primal Longsword: 2.5b
Primal Maul: 5b
Korasi: 500-1b
Drygore rapier: 12b
Drygore longsword: 10b
Drygore mace: 8b

Santa Hat: 1b
Donator mystery box: 3b
Regular mystery box: 500m
Mystery chest: 20b
Prize key: 10b
Mystery bagg: 15b
Pvp mysterybox: 500m
Primal mystery box: 4b
Legendary mysterybox: 2.5b
Colored Santa Hats: 15-25b
Regular partyhats exept blue :13b Each
Blue partyhat 20b
yellow  partyhat 15b
Hween mask's Regular: 5b
Black h'ween mask: 70b
Third-age  melee set: 50b
Third-age range set: 35b
Third-age mage set: 60b
Third-age druidic set: 40b
Black Partyhat: 40b
Black Santa hat: 40b
Pink party hat: 50b
Customs: 25-30b
Skeleton set: 140b -can only be bought at Zenom or World love
Lime Party: 75-100b
Lava Party: 75-100b
Angel Wings: 100b
Elder Maul: 15b
Kodai wand: 15b
Ancestral set: 75b
Defender level 5 Healer level 5 75-100b!
 Attacker level 5 Collector level 5 - 75-100b 
Donator tickets: 5-10m each
Bloodmoney: 3m each
Crystal key: 2-5m each
Vote tickets: 3-5m each

More will be added as soon as I get more prices!!!!
pc pets?
Depends on witch pet.

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