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Update 1/25/2018
Thank you guys for the first couple of days of release, I would like to thank everyone for the successful startup and for the help the community has been giving me when it comes to suggestions and fixes.

Here is a list of some of the fixes and updates as of 1/25/2018

  • Tick eating has now been introduced to PK-Legacy, no future explanation needs to be given.

    Voting scroll now gives you * 2.1xp boost if you're playing in Normal Mode. 

    While PK Mode and Iron Man players will only gain a boost of 1x the original exp.

    Santa has now been placed as Edgeville next to the bank, Our Saint Nick at PK-Legacy will give you the option of either 1x Free Dragon Warhammer or a 1x Donator Mystery box and 1x Price key, as a welcoming gift from PK-Legacy, to you. Be fast to claim your free items, he will be gone by Monday.

    [Image: gBW13MydRTyMb8A3rqfXxQ.png]

    Barrelchest has now found his way back home at level 46 Wilderness Multi-area.
  • Removed blood money & fire cape from blood money store, spades have been added to master farmer store, located at Farming teleport.
    Fixed the model issues where it displayed a pair of wings instead of barrier/fence at Chaos Elemental & Duel Arena.
    [Image: rBX3tv9NTTWSs50_wk07KQ.png]

    Minigame teleport -> Duel Arena & Fighter Cave has now been fixed.

    Trident of the seas, Trident of the Swamp and Elemental Staff has now been fixed.

    Chaos elemental now drops elemental items.

    Ironman can no longer drop items, nor will they see dropped items from other players.

    You can now stack Collector / Defender Level 5 with Healer & Attacker Level 5.

    You can now use the special attack and hit from the correct distance with Godswords.

    Stay tuned for more updates! Smile

when will the server compat with mac users?
We will make it compatible with mac when we get enough funds to get a proper one.

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