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The Official PK-Legacy Release
The long wait is finally over and PK-Legacy is finally back up and running.
I would like to thank everyone for your patience and be happy to announce that PK-Legacy has returned!
The reason for the long wait has been due to my lack of time and having to combine coding with work, school, and family.
Either way, I'm really happy to say that PK-Legacy is now ready for launch and updates will continue to come as the year progresses.
All old accounts are secure, feel free to login with your old PK-Legacy username and password.

Some of the new noticeable features are;
  • You will now be rewarded with blood money for killing players, 1 Kill equals 1 Blood money, 5 Killstreaks equals 10 Blood money, the blood money count increases for each kill, up to 50 kill streak.
  • You will now lose items upon death outside of wilderness, that concludes that you will no longer be able to keep all your items if you die outside of the wilderness.
  • You will now restore your special percentage of 100% after gaining a kill.
  • Normal mode players will now be able to price check items that PVP Mode players can spawn.
  • You can now drop your items in your inventory by holding shift and right-clicking.
  • Whole new OSRS game frame with custom orbs.
  • Money orb and exp orb has been changed out.
  • New teleportation interface with drop table information.
  • Numerous of skills have been nerfed.
  • The forum has been reset and gotten a new skin.
  • "Bank all" orb that lets you deposit your equipment and inventory with a single click of a button.
  • Godwars teleport has been fixed.
  • Torva helm, Pernix cowl, and Virtus helm has been removed from Nex's drop table, and can now only be obtainable from the donator point shop.
  • Claiming a gambler scroll now gives you a dice bag upon claiming.
  • You now have to have free slots in your inventory to open Mystery boxes, Chests.. etc..
There are many more features that I didn't bring up in this post, I'll keep on updating.
for now, enjoy your adventure.

[Image: jzOYi7I.png]
[Image: jKVF37k.png]


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