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Hey ,even though you guys bearly see me in game is beacuse i'm either at work, school or in my own local client coding PKLegacy.
I want this server too be a working progress over the next coming years.
Aswell will this be my learning platform for java, so im learning aswell as i'm having fun coming up with new content for you guys to enjoy.

It'm also sorry for not putting up any new content withing the past week, that does not mean im NOT here. It's because I need to make sure the content im releasing to you guys are done properly.

What i'm working on,
Fixing zulrah, so it works 100% , also added a lot of new drops to the bosses, aswell making the spawning system a lot more accessible and easier to use with a new supporting interface.

Finishing the new teleport interface.
Possibly adding PK bots, too fill the wilderness while we wait for our community too grow.

What do you guys think ?
K3 <3

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