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Updates 3/3/2018
Updates 3/3/2018

- You do now require level 80 magic to equip a Chaotic staff. as well as level 80 to wear any chaotic.
[b]- Dwarven rock cake has been introduced to PK-Legacy, have fun all PvMers and PK boomers.[/b]
- The bug where chaos elemental was not attacking back has now been fixed.
- Any Red item that you have will be automatically sent to bank upon death.
- When you spawn the Dharok PvP kit you will now also get a dwarven rock cake.

There has been some adjustments and improvements to the shops in Pk-Legacy, here is a list of some of the changes.

Trivia Shop

Glaiven, Ragefire, and steads boots now cost 150 trivia points.
Pegasian, Eternal, and Primordia boots l now cost 250 trivia points.

[b]Slayer Point Exchange[/b]

Whip and Staff of Light now cost 100 points.
Fighter torso now cost 60 points.
Bonecrusher has gotten a price reduction to 150 points.

Boss Point Exchange

Ranger hat and a figther hat has gotten a price reduction to 25 boss points.

Blood Money Exchange

Bandos and tasset now cost 50 blood money.
Rings (i) has now been reduced to 35 blood money each.
Whip and Staff of Light now cost 30 points each.

Cosmetic God Shop

Added barrows sets and third age armor set.

Prestige Point Exchange

Santa costume has been removed from the store.
Added in Bunny ears, basket and scarf to celebrate Easter. Go grab it while you can.
Korasi sword has been added to the exchange for a price of 30 points. 

Achievement Point Exchange

Added in Epic pet mystery box, Gilded armor, Primal weapons and a bonesack to the store.


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