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Bannable Offenses:

1: Real World Trading (RWT)

  • Offering to Buy or Sell PKLegacy GP/Items for anything else other then PKLegacy Ingame Wealth is a serious offense. (Trolling about RWT is also an offense).

2: Scamming

  • Scamming an item from another player is a serious offense.

  • This includes: Rule Switching in the Duel Arena, Rebelling upon set rules (in a risk fight, gamble etc), Not paying out the pot agreed upon etc.

  • Failing to return lent items that were agreed to be returned is considered scamming.

  • You cannot agree to Risk/Stake/Gamble an item you don't have (Ie. Saying you'll bet a bond that you haven't yet bought).

3: Macroing

  • Using third party software to gain an advantage over another player (Autoclicker) etc.

4: Bug Abuse / Duping

  • Attempting to abuse a known bug/glitch on either the forum or server is a serious offense.

5: Impersonating another player

  • Impersonating another player (by either claiming to be a staff member, impersonating a Gambler Account/Trusted player, claiming to be them on a different account, claiming to have special rights) etc is a serious offense.

6: DDoSing

  • DDoSing (or threatening to ddos a player/the server) is a serious offense and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

  • This also includes distributing a players or the server's partial/full IP address and other similar information.

7: Ban Evasion

  • Using other accounts to evade a banishment given to you by a staff member is an offense.

  • All banishment's are to be fully served before you can be re-accepted into PKLegacy. (This includes playing with a new IP/PCID/UID).

8: Advertising

  • Advertising another server or anything similar that may damage our playerbase is not allowed under ANY circumstances.

  • You may not advertise on other servers either as that attracts negative attention towards PKLegacy & it may attract malicious intent.

9: Exposing Personal Information (DoX included) / Inappropriate content

  • Posting content such as pornography, gore or linking illegal downloads such as torrents is not tolerated under any circumstances.

  • Releasing personal information about a player without their permission is not tolerated

  • This includes skypes, IP addresses, home addresses, e-mail addresses, workplaces, social media, etc.

10: PK Farming

  • Any form of PKP Farming (Paying for kills, killing yourself on a different PC/IP) is a serious offense.

11: Lying to a staff member

  • Lying (or with-holding the truth) to a staff member is a serious offense.

12: Gambling/Selling/Giving away accounts

  • If an account is Gambled, Sold or given away, the account will be PERMANENTLY BANNED with to chance of receiving it back.

  • The player who performed such acts will also be punished.

13: Hacking

  • Hacking a player's account is a serious offense.

14: Making "Flame" accounts

  • Creating an account with a username that contains profanity is an offense.

15: Multilog Pking


16: Standing on a player's duel

  • Intentionally standing on a player's duel is an offense.

17: Rule Switching in the Duel Arena

  • (Relates to Rule #2). Rule Switching in the Duel Arena is an offense.

18: Repeating Mutable/Jailable offenses

  • Repeating offenses that you have previously been Muted/Jailed is a bannable offense.

19: Using multiple accounts for voting

  • There is a vote cap per account for a reason

  • If you are caught using multiple accounts to vote, you will lose your items and possibly be banned

  • Using multiple accounts to receive more than one "weekly top voter" reward is also punishable

20: Withholding information about other rule-breakers.

  • If you know about other players breaking the rules, it's your obligation to report it!

  • Your reports can remain anonymous, simply privately contact a staff member about the issue and let them know you wish for the report to be anonymous.

Please Note:

Avoiding an IP punishment (ie. being IP-Muted then talking on a new IP) is an offense & you will be punished for punishment evading 

No matter your staff rank or donator status, you WILL be punished if you break the following rules. We sometimes offer leniency, especially for mutable offenses, but there are also non-exceptional offenses such as scamming that will result in punishment without warning. We have zero tolerance for that kind of behavior.

People who have broken rules multiple times (even on separate accounts) face the risk of a full ban from the server. You will be blocked from playing or creating any other accounts.

It should also be noted that exceptions to this rule list will more than likely occur once in a while.

Item lending is at the owner's risk. Staff will punish those who scam in these cases, but the items may not be able to be recovered. We do not recommend lending items or doing trust trades!

Account sharing is at the owner's risk, staff may not be able to refund the item(s) or recover the account if lost. The account owner, of a shared account, will also be held accountable for any rules broken under that account name regardless of who was on the account at the time.

Muteable/Jailable Offenses:

1: Spamming

  • Creating meaningless messages or posts outside the spam section. This also counts for the Chatbox.

  • Flooding the Chatbox/Yell. You can use autotyper, however be considerate of the players around. (No autotyping in yell AT ALL).

2: Excessive Swearing/Flaming

  • Use of inappropriate words will not be tolerated. (Small Pk banter is acceptable, to a degree).

3: Harassment

  • Teasing/discriminating users excessively is counted as harassment and will no be tolerated. (This includes Race, Sexuality, Gender, etc. )

  • There are areas for this and the forum should be welcoming for everyone. No one should feel intimidated to post or be a part of our community.

4: Staff Disrespect

  • Disrespecting a member of our staff team will not be tolerated, they're here to help you.

  • Making accusations (without proof/basis) of a staff member abusing their powers falls in this category. If they're abusive, please create a formal and respectful topic about it on the forums, or PM one to an administrator

  • This especially applies to any flaming as a result of someone punishing/infracting you.

  • If you don't agree with a staff member's decision, RESPECTFULLY report it on the forums so it can be reviewed by the owners and administrators. Signs of blatant disrespect/slandering within these posts will drastically decrease it's validity, and in some cases breaks this rule on its own.

5: Luring

  • Luring of ANY SORT will not be tolerated. Advertising that there's a "Drop party" in the wilderness (in public, yell, clan chat etc) is an offense.

  • Asking for assistance from a staff member/player whilst in the wilderness (with lure intentions) is also an offense.

6: Punishment Threads (Forum-based)

  • Making a thread about a previous Infraction/warning/ban in any section other than appeals will lead you to get further punishment.

  • If a staff member has punished you, it was for a reason. You can make ONE appeal, and ONE appeal only. If your appeal is declined, try again in two weeks.

  • If you feel a punishment placed upon you by a staff is unfair, private message another staff member and they'll help you out.

  • Any ban evading or posting elsewhere will result in a void of your appeal and further punishment. Ramifications are in place for a reason.

7: Boxing/hugging single-zone bosses 

  • Boxing/hugging bosses and monsters in single-zone is allowed if used relatively briefly as an escape method

  • But, doing this for an extended amount of time, with bosses that only have one spawn (i.e Crazy Archeologist) is disruptive to the server and may result in being jailed (warnings will follow prior to enforcement)

Risk fight rules:

Note: If you want these rules properly enforced, make sure you're in the official risk fight arena with your opponent!

1: Pjing a Riskfight

  • Pjing a person's risk fight is an offense.

  • This includes Pjing just Before, During and After a risk fight.

  • This mainly applies to the risk fight arena, but exceptions may occur if a risk fighter lost items to a pjer and provides their ownproper video evidence.

2: Standing under a risk fight

  • Intentionally standing under somebody his risk fight is an offense.

3: Disobeying agreed rules

  • If prior to the risk fight rules were set and agreed upon, you most follow them.

  • Repeating this offense may lead to an account ban, as this is technically considered to be a minor scam.


  • Insantly specing a player in a Risk Fight classified as "Rushing" and is not acceptable. (After the first hit your free too spec).

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