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Suggestions #1
(01-28-2018, 03:23 PM)Michael Wrote:
  1. Change the XP you recieve for the harder dung completions.
  2. Change it so you need 80 dungeoneering to wear chaotics
  3. Rocktails at "fishing" needs fixing
  4. Red vine worm cannot be purchased from  Master fishing store
  5. Steel bars cannot be used on the anvil
  6. Defeat Nex achievement doesn't work
  7. Defeat k'ril tsutsaroth doesn't work.
  8. Steal 5000 scimitars is linked to something completely different (says i have 177,743/5000)
  9. In order to view the correct achievement you need to click the one above you want to check.
  10. 3/4 farming patches work. Make the 4th fully operational.. 
  11. Make an 'X' amount in the Smithing section.
  12. Take the max purchase limit off or put it higher than 10k.
    When smithing rune items it doesn't highlight to say you have the correct levels even when you do.

Green = Done , Red = Not started,
Thanks for your suggestions Smile

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