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Updates 2/28/18 - Zenom - 02-28-2018

PK-Legacy Updates 2/28/18

- Toxic Blowpipe and Magma blowpipe now restores a percentage of your health upon successful hit from special attack.

- NPC at the Agility is now called Agility Exchange.

- It now requires to have at least 24 free slots in order to spawn PK-Kits.

- Krambwa, sharks, teletabs, anti-potion and def potion are now no longer tradeable.

- Removed the banker at level 60+ Woodcutting location.

- The crafting store has been changed up a bit.

- You can now exchange Maple logs at Camelot for the lumberjack set. The set will grant you an additional x2 exp boost.

[Image: wbXcbcY.png][Image: U2OiMhh.png]

The bitcoin system is being worked on, so keep on griding for the achievements!