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Updates 1/29/2018 - Zenom - 01-28-2018

- Fixed the issues with some NPC drop system.
- You will now receive vote tickets upon claiming of vote scroll.
- You can now deposit items to your bank directly from the PVP Tool, located within your Quest Tab.
- Vote shop has been f

- There have been some adjustments to the prices in Trivia shop.
- Bandos chestplate and Tasset now costs 25 Blood money in the PK Point Store.
- Tokhaar-kal now costs 2 Blood money in the PK Point Store.
- Dragon Defender now costs 1 Blood money in the PK Point Store.
- You will now receive Potions and the Food that your kill have in their inventory upon death. 
(They will appear for Trained accounts as well, but they will not be able to sell the potions or the food to shops.)
- Zbow has been fixed.
- Fixed the problem with Elemental Staff, Trident of the Swamp, and Trident of the Seas.
- NORMAL MODE PK ZONE, This PVP Area is a PK-Zone just for Normal Mode players, that means that no spawned items can be brought here.
- Fixed the issues where bosses did not attack back.

Stay tuned for more updates Smile

RE: Updates 1/29/2018 - Michael - 01-28-2018

Nice man. Keep it up Smile