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Updates 1/28/2018 - Zenom - 01-28-2018

Thank you all for helping me out with the launch and I love every single feedback that I've been given!
Today I'm happy to tell you guys some new updates has arrived to PK-Legacy, that includes over 20 custom PK Sets that you can spawn instantaneously without having to write a single command.

[Image: JTiYE8y.png]

Simply press the "Spawn PVP Kit" next to your minimap to open the menu of different PVP Sets. 
You can choose from 4 Main Categories, they are the following;  

"Main Sets" 
- Barrows
- Ranger Sets
- Magic Sets
- Melee Sets

"Pure Sets"

- 1 Defence Hybrid (Ranging + Barrage + DDS)
- 1 Defence Pure (D Scim + G-Maul + DDS)
- 1 Defence Obby Mauler",
- 1 Defence F2P (Rune 2h + Oak Shortbow)

"Zerker Sets"

- D Scim + Torso + Dragon Mace

- D Scim + Torso + DDS
- D Scim + Torso + Dragon Halberd
- Hyrbid Zerker + Range + Melee

[Image: vDpqCRFiRr6tVP-cmf0aCA.png]
- You can now teleport to Brimhaven dungeon with the command "::brim"
- You can now teleport to Taverly dungeon with the command "::taverly"
- ::food, ::pots, ::barrage, ::veng, ::teletabs commands has been added to PK Mode players command list.
- You can no longer alch spawned items.
- Santa has been removed from Edgeville, thank you all for participating in the event.
- Player killing bug where it says you ware killing the same IP.

- You can now use the Restoration orb to restore all stats, and cure poison, same with the restoration orb at Edgeville.
[Image: e_Y4fdRuTRGjSZk0jJUjNg.png]

[Image: 0hdcNoUKih.gif]

Thank you again for playing PK-Legacy, stay tuned for more updates!

RE: Updates 1/28/2018 - Michael - 01-28-2018

Nice man. Keep it up Smile Will inform you if i come across anything.

RE: Updates 1/28/2018 - Zenom - 01-28-2018

Thanks Michael! Ill do my best to improve! Smile