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BitScape is the first server that lets the players earn BITCOINS in exchange for completing daily challenges, competing in tournaments or simply doing achievements. That you can sell your bitcoins for USD Balance that you can spend in the donator store, or withdraw it to your real Bitcoin Wallet once the requirements have been satisfied. BitScape has three unique game modes that fit every play style. The first Gamemode is Normal Mode, this game mode is like having a normal account, you do not have the ability to spawn certain items and food that PK-Mode players can. You would have to either buy the items from another Normal Mode player or get it from PvMing or killing other Normal Mode players. Normal Mode players do have the ability to prestige combat-related skills, but not change their combat-related stats. An addition to being a Normal mode player is that you receive 1.5x the normal exp, and have twice the drop ratio to obtain a rare drop.

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Silver 12 Hours ago
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PK Mode players. This game mode brings you straight into the action, you can spawn PK-Kits, change your combat-related stats. You cannot prestige combat-related skills, and the exp ratio and drop ratio is normal. Just a little welcome I g uess just from the old days.

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Silver 12 Hours ago
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Owner + Staff of BitScape will never ask you for your password!

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Recent Drops

  • Silver received 1x Abyssal Whip 12 Minutes Ago
  • Silver received 1x Armadyl Hilt 4 Hours Ago
  • Silver received 1x Dharok's Helm 9 Hours Ago
  • Silver received 1x Fire Cape 16 Hours Ago
  • Silver received 1x Ranger boots Sunday
  • Silver received 1x Raw Beef Sunday

Recent Achievements

  • Silver reached lvl 99 Farming 12 Minutes Ago
  • Silver reached lvl 99 Smithing 4 Hours Ago
  • Silver reached lvl 99 Firemaking 9 Hours Ago
  • Silver reached lvl 99 Construction 16 Hours Ago
  • Silver reached lvl 99 Hitpoints Sunday
  • Silver reached lvl 99 Slayer Sunday